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No Claims Discount

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No Claims Discount

This is a discount more linked to car insurance in the past. In recent years insurers have started been giving no claims discounts to building and contents insurance to encourage them not to claim no doubt. You normally qualify for No Claims Discount (NCD) if you did not claim on your home insurance the previous year.

Some insurers will give you a no claims discount if you a first time buyer and others may give you some other form of incentive to arrange your buildings and contents insurance with them. The maximum no claims years that will normally be allowed is 5. This can make a massive difference to your buildings and contents insurance annual premium.

If you have buildings and contents cover with different insurers and need to make a claim on either the buildings or contents insurance you are likely to lose your no claims discount in whichever are you make the claim. If you have your home insurance combined, some insurers will withdraw your no claims discount on the whole policy if you claim while others separate the no claims discount between the buildings and contents insurance.

Your no claims discount will be affected if you need to claim following an accident, incident or loss

This is yet another reason for going through an insurance broker like Impartial to review each companies terms and conditions for you.

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