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First Time Buyer Mortgage


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First Time Buyer

First time buyer mortgages are no different to normal residential mortgages. Sometimes however, a mortgage lender will issue special deals for first time buyers. It is good to have a basic understanding of the types and repayment options available to you. Especially as a first time buyer. The most common types of mortgage are:

Types of mortgage Repayment
Fixed mortgage rates Repayment
Discounted rate Interest only
Tracker rate  
Offset mortgage  

Who can apply for a mortgage?

You must be at least 18 years old to apply. You can apply for a mortgage on your own or for a joint mortgage.

As long as at least one person has never owned a property before, you can often apply for a first time buyer mortgage.

The main obstacle a first time buyer has faced in the last few years is the level of deposit. Historically first time buyers used to be able to put but down 5% deposit. Over the last 3 years with property values falling, mortgage lenders have either withdrawn their low deposit mortgages or increased the rate of interest. For example, a first time buyer with a 10% deposit could pay 2 - 3% more than someone buying with a 25% deposit. This doesn't mean that you wouldn't get a first time buyer mortgage with between 5 - 10% deposit but it does mean that you will certainly be paying more than someone with a higher deposit. Generally, a first time buyer(s) will need 10% deposit.

You then need to consider how much you can borrow.


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