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Do you need a credit check?

When lenders assess your mortgage application, they use a credit reference agency and credit scoring to help them make a decision. This credit checking process has an obvious impact on your position as a borrower.

Everyone has the right to know what information credit referencing agencies hold them. If you think that a good credit rating may be in doubt, you can get ahead of the game and avoid disappointment and time wasting by checking your credit rating for free, plus finding out how credit scoring works simply by visiting Equifax and getting your credit report.

Are you in good shape to get new finance?

Get your FREE Equifax Credit Report & Score

Your first 30 days are free then it’s £14.95 per month. You can cancel at anytime.

Immediate unlimited online access to your Equifax credit file and credit report.

Weekly alerts of any significant changes to your credit file.

Expert tips to help you understand your credit report.

Online dispute facility to help you correct any errors quickly and simply.

Comprehensive support from our Customer Care team.

If you get a bad credit score - what next?

If you're looking for a mortgage and have a bad credit score, don't just head to a bad credit specialist. Contact us first. We deal with the whole market and our experts will know which lender may be sympathetic to your circumstances.

There may also be alternative methods for raising finance that we may be able to offer.

Credit report - General

Credit rating or credit score is a score that determines your ability to pay back your debt over a certain time period. This credit rating is then used by credit providers, banks and other credit companies when you want to make use of their services or products.

Companies normally complete credit checks via credit referencing agencies. A personal credit report contains all your credit history going back several years. This will include your payment history, account balances, and credit limits on credit cards. Sometimes even paying a bill late can result in an adverse update in your credit report. Defaults, IVA's, CCJ's and bankruptcies are the commonly known problems. Your name and address will be included in the credit report, along your residential history as appears on the electoral roll.

Top 5 Reasons for Checking Your Credit Report

  1. You're concerned about identity theft.
  2. You've been declined credit.
  3. You're just curious to know what's held about you.
  4. You're planning to apply for a mortgage or loan.
  5. You're about to rent a property.

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