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Buildings and Contents Insurance

A buildings and contents insurance policy is essential for protecting your home and contents in the event of a fire, theft or accident.

It is essential for all homes with a mortgage and should be arranged for most other properties that are mortgage free.

Buildings and Contents Insurance - Do we have to have it?

All mortgage lenders insist on the buildings being insured at the very least when you take out a mortgage with them, to protect their loan. Even if someone is mortgage free it would be devastating or even life changing if something serious like a fire happened on a property that wasn't insured. Most people realise this which is why most homes in the country have their buildings insured at the very least.

Many homeowners however, don't have sufficient cover because they don't look at the small print on cover and exclusions. Most people believe that all buildings and contents insurance is the same with different prices. This is not the case. Insurers are quite specific about what their policy will cover and the conditions under which a claim can be made so it is vitally important that you understand the cover and exclusions being offered before deciding the best cover.

Buildings and Contents Insurance Comparison

When it comes to comparing buildings and contents insurance, cheapest is not always the best. It is quite common for homeowners to be unaware of the value of their possessions and as such they are under insured. Most people don't actually work out the correct value and never get round to increasing their insurance cover when they purchase expensive items. If you are under-insured, that is your household contents and the building itself are not insured for their total value, it is likely that any claims you do make will not be paid in full by your insurer. Buildings and contents insurance policies are normally renewed annually. Unfortunately nearly half of all buildings and contents insurance policies haven't been are kept with the same insurer more than 5 years. It therefore follows that the renewal schedules sent in the post are also not generally checked.

Most insurers are quite happy with this because it is the applicant's responsibility to check their documents and the insurer has to do very little each year to keep the business on the on the books.

Buildings and Contents Insurance Combined

It is nearly always in your interest to arrange your buildings and contents insurance with the same insurer. Firstly, You will sometimes receive a discount from your insurer if you take both buildings and contents insurance with them rather than one or the other. Secondly, when you come to make a claim, if something falls through the ceiling and damages the contents you would be dealing with two different claims with two different insurers. The insurers could also end up fighting over who pays for what. We suggest you check the terms and conditions of both insurers to make sure you are not under insuring in one area to get a discount on the whole policy.

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